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Important note for everyone planning to attend Big Camp on Sabbaths only

Even though there is no charge for attendance at Big Camp on Sabbath, registration is still required including completion of child consent form/s, if applicable. We encourage you to complete this process in advance to avoid lengthy delays at the gate. If you require any assistance please contact TRP bookings staff on 07 3323510 or email bookings@tuiridgepark.co.nz. Please note that the deadline of 19 December 2019 remains for all other Big Camp registrations and payments.


15- 18 December 6-10 pm


15 to 18 Dec
The first walk through starts at 6 pm and takes you on a 40 min journey through the bible times set to see the real meaning of Christmas


Podcasts: Burn the Haystack with Josh & Jesse

A podcast about saving the best and burning the rest of our faith, culture, and spiritual practices.

Listen to Episode 89 - TJ Sands is the Bling King

This week, we talk to TJ Sands. TJ is a pastor working in the Oklahoma Conference, and leads the second-largest church in his conference. He’s also passionate about discourse and honest conversations, and boy do we have one for you today! Jewelry and the use of it has been a divisive issue in the church ever since the Victorian era. Even today, people look down at those who wear wedding earrings, necklaces, or even wedding bands. So, what’s the deal? Does the Bible truly prohibit it, as many assume, or is there something deeper to the conversation?


Big Camp Info

Big Camp Info

Big Camp Info

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Guest Speakers

For more information on our guest speakers please go to adventist.org.nz/nnzc-big-camp

Adults - Pr Chris Oberg

Adults - Pr Ty Gibson

Youth / Young Adults - Pr Orlando Pule

High School (13-17 years) - Pr Ray Moaga

Junior (10-12 years) - Pr John Smolka

Primary (7-9 years) - Mrs Sarai Stephens